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Where do you do your photo shoots?

For my standard portraits I will meet at any location within 15 miles of my home in Millers, MD. There will be an additional fee for locations beyond that. My boudoir sessions are currently held outdoors at my home in a secluded area. I welcome families to come to my location as well as I am located along a river and there are a lot of picturesque views! I prefer to shoot outdoors but we can discuss any indoor locations you have.

What should I wear?

Families - My biggest tip is to not dress like you are wearing uniforms. If you all have the exact same color shirt and pants on, it doesn't look natural. You probably wouldn't go out to dinner in matching outfits, so I don't recommend wearing them for your photo session. I suggest finding one outfit to work the others around. For example, If the shirt is blue with an orange stripe, incorporate orange in the other outfits. Lay them all out ahead of time and even take a photo of them. Don't stress about your clothes though. If you feel good, you will look good!

Boudoir - The photo shoot is all about YOU. You can be as exposed or covered as you would like (with the exception of nudity). I do not provide the clothing for these shoots. Longer nightgowns or lace cover-ups are a nice option if you are feeling self-conscious. The more comfortable you are, the better your images will turn out, so a large part in making that happen is choosing the appropriate clothes. I recommend 3 outfit changes for a full-length shoot. It is also recommended that you purchase lingerie that is a little larger than you would normally wear. This will prevent unwanted lines or bulges and appear much nicer in your photos. At this time I will not have a hair/make-up stylist on site. I would recommend getting your hair and makeup done before you arrive. The extra effort to pamper yourself ahead of time will be evident in your photos.

Will you share my images with others?

During your shoot, you will sign a release that will either allow me to use all of your photos, some of your photos, or none of your photos. Your photos will absolutely not be used if you request that they not be.

Can I bring a friend to my boudoir session?

Yes! I strongly recommend that you do your shoot with a friend. It allows both of you to be more comfortable, confident, and makes your shoot more fun! You can share outfits, help each other with styling, laugh, and most of all be a confidence booster. Ask me about my friend discount!

What are your prices?

Please view the investment section of the website for options. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!

I hope you will refer your friends, and please leave a comment in the guestbook and rate my facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/sweetsilhouettes